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A 20-year veteran of high profile Australian luxury lodge properties, James Baillie is renowned for managing and developing premium experiential properties in Australia. In 2004 he and his wife Hayley opened Capella Lodge on the world heritage-listed Lord Howe island, followed By the globally celebrated, award-winning Southern Ocean Lodge in the untouched wilderness of Kangaroo island’s wildly beautiful south west coast. And in 2012, the third property in the portfolio, the Remarkable Lodge in Tasmania, is set to open.

Reflecting their distinctive, pristine locations, the world-class Baillie lodges are defined by their unique fusion of nature and luxury. A dynamic environmental management plan featuring cutting edge and continually evolving technologies steers lodge operations and ultimately enhances each guest’s experience.

James Baillie has long been inspired by EcoSmart Fires and explains how they influenced the final design of the stunning guest rooms.

"I chose EcoSmart Fires for a number of reasons: their aesthetics, efficiency, ease of operation, clean burn, no smell, environmental benefits, and the fact they have no flue,” he says. “But it was their ability to be integrated into a contemporary design that was the key factor".

"The design elements of our rooms are organic luxury and a focus on Australian design – and the Ecosmart Fires are an ideal fit."

James Baillie, Baillie Lodges

In line with his desire to customise the fireplaces, James chose EcoSmart Fire Fireboxes (Model 650SS) – which have been installed into wall (fireplace) settings with stone fascias – and Ecosmart Fire burners, which have been used to create custom coffee tables, incorporating granite surrounds.

“The fires are fantastic and are a great talking point. They heat way more than we expected; we were amazed at how much heat they can put out, and so are our guests who love them – many have returned home and purchased their own.”

There are 14 EcoSmart Fires installed across the Capella Lodge and Southern Ocean Lodge properties, and they will be installed in the Remarkable Lodge, which is also designed to embody Baillie Lodges’ approach to ecological sustainability.