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Incorporate statement pieces into your décor

Bold & beautiful statement pieces

Bold & beautiful statement pieces

Gone are the days of minimalist styling – it’s time for bold and beautiful statement pieces. This design movement is fast gaining traction in residential and commercial settings the world over. For such an ‘out-there’ concept, how has it amassed such a following?

“Statement pieces are about individuality and expressing personality rather than following a specific trend – so no matter your style or taste, your space can include a statement piece,” says Stephane Thomas, Director of MAD Design Group, whose brands include EcoSmart Fire and Blinde Design. “Multiple and functional statement pieces are in, while single, decoration-only pieces are ‘passé’.

“A carefully curated selection of statement pieces can draw your décor together by unifying the different elements in your space, become a talking point for guests, or just add that special something.”

And don’t think that you’ll have to commit to one statement piece per space – it’s about making a room uniquely yours by layering statement pieces. Anything goes, from printed wallpaper, built-in double-sided fireplaces, decorative mirrors, mismatched chairs, curved furniture to oversized planters and concrete coffee tables.

Ready to get creative? Here’s our step-by-step guide to incorporating statement pieces into your space for maximum effect:

1. Consider the space

Consider the space

First things first – look at what you’ve got to work with. Are there any focal points already there that you need to work around, like exposed wooden beams or brickwork? Are there interesting decorative items that you can accentuate, such as a patterned wallpaper, or things that you absolutely love and want to keep, like a fabulous piece of art? Assess the current décor and work from there, adding and subtracting as needed.

Remember to think about the size of your space too – smaller rooms are easily overwhelmed by too many elements and benefit from a less is more approach, while larger spaces may need to be broken up into several areas featuring bold designs. Start by brainstorming your initial thoughts on what you’d like to change about the space and how you think the new elements will work together with the existing decor.

Think beyond furniture and art

A functional statement piece that also brings ultimate ambiance? EcoSmart’s ventless ethanol fireplaces are not only an eye-catching addition into any room, they can also be easily built into your space without the limitations of traditional fireplaces.

“Take full advantage of EcoSmart’s design flexibility by creating your own bespoke, built-in fireplace,” suggests Stephane. “Our collection of Flex zero-clearance fireplace inserts and extensive range of burners have been used to create room dividers, built straight into cabinetry or into outdoor tables, or mounted in multiple layers across a wall. They’re a beautiful addition to any residential or commercial space.”

Check out how EcoSmart fireplaces have been used across a myriad of spaces here.

2. Choose a theme

Choose a theme

Now comes the fun part – choosing a theme! Your space may already have a theme to work around, or maybe you’re looking for a brand new one to completely overhaul the look and feel of your environment. Your theme will inform the choice in statement pieces and will help guide you in layering the items together. Look through magazines, home design and renovating platforms, and sites like Pinterest for décor theme inspiration, or go wild and create your own unique style.

Trending themes in interior design right now include:

  • nautical with navy blues, fresh whites and bright, beachy artwork
  • modern edge with clean lines and neutral tones of grey and beige
  • earthy, which brings in jewel tones of green and burnt oranges with natural materials like wood and stone

3. Think about functionality

Think about functionality

Functionality not only refers to what the space is used for but also what the statement piece itself will be used for – for example, a table needs to be hardy, durable, stain and scratch resistant (especially if it’s outdoor furniture!), while seating needs to be comfortable and inviting but still able to endure everyday wear and tear.

Another aspect of functionality is the piece’s eco-friendly credentials – something that more and more manufacturers and designers are taking into consideration.

“The demand for beautifully designed products made from sustainable materials is growing by the minute,” explains Stephane. “Consumers not only want eco-friendly construction, they also want the finished product to function in a way that doesn’t harm the planet. That’s why our ventless EcoSmart fireplaces use sustainable bioethanol fuel, which produces an emission-free flame. Consumers also want a quality product that lasts – like our Blinde Design concrete planters and coffee tables, which are constructed out of Fluid™ Concrete technology that is eight times the tensile strength of common Portland concrete.”

Bold design with functionality at heart

Statements don’t get any bigger than a solid concrete coffee table. Blinde Design coffee tables are not only made to impress, they’re also constructed with functionality front and centre.

“Our Blinde Design coffee tables are completely sealed inside and outside for a weatherproof finish if you’re planning to use them outdoors,” explains Thomas. “They’re also scratch resistant, UV resistant and stain resistant, even to food and drink items like red wine and tomato sauce/ketchup!”

While Blinde Design concrete coffee tables are built to be strong and withstand elements, they’re also relatively lightweight and easy to relocate around your indoor or outdoor space. Check out the full range here.

Another great example of function and form are EcoSmart’s multi-functional, freestanding fire tables, with the fuel choice of ethanol or gas*. Available in round, square or rectangular shapes, the fire tables come in coffee table, dining and bar heights, and combine a portable heat source with ample dimensions to accommodate a glass or small plate.

*fuel options vary depending on country regulations.

4. Select a focal point (or primary statement piece)

Select a focal point

Now you’ve laid the foundations – you’ve considered the structure of the room, looked at what you’ve already got, chosen a theme or design direction and thought about materials and functionality – it’s time to add your statement piece!

Before adding layers, or supporting statement pieces, you’ll need a main focal point in the room to draw the eye. This could be anything from a large, decorative mirror, a long, elegant fireplace (like these EcoSmart longline single-sided burners), or bold, sculptural furniture design. When selecting your main statement piece, think about how it brings the space together, and what it says about your personality.

5. Support with secondary statement pieces

Support with secondary statement pieces

Your star piece needs supporting décor that make a statement in their own way and bring the whole theme together. This is where you bring in your personality – the way these items are collated will set the mood for the space and tell guests how you use your home or office.

If you’re not sure where to start, some examples of layering are a collection of mismatched chairs around a statement table, a selection of leafy plants clustered in a corner, or an arrangement of items you’ve collected while travelling together on a bookshelf. Worried you’re going to over-do it and end up with a cluttered interior? Keep your core pieces simple in their design and stick to your central theme.

“A single statement piece can look isolated, like it doesn’t belong. A few statement pieces are just as eye-catching, but they anchor the other pieces of furniture and accessories and create a balanced, harmonious look,” says Thomas. “Layering statement pieces can be tricky but when you’ve got beautifully designed pieces that complement each other, it’s easy to create a cohesive space,” says Thomas. “Our EcoSmart Fire ethanol burners are the ultimate statement in your indoor or outdoor entertaining space and they work really well alongside a concrete coffee table from Blinde Design.”

By now we’ve all noticed a strong (and leafy!) trend – collections of plants in both indoor and outdoor spaces. By placing contrasting plants together, you can create a softer statement. Blinde Design’s STITCH planters can be used for your outside and indoor living areas, and they come in five sizes – the smaller planters are perfect for grouping together, while the larger sizes are great for singular statement plants.

These durable plant pots are a unique twist on contemporary planter styles. Their sculptural shape is complemented by a stitched embellishment, with the choice of six colours – black, grey, orange, yellow, red or white. “It means you can personalize the look of your space or complement specific colour schemes,” says Thomas.

Like all of the pieces in the Blinde Design collection, weather-resistant STITCH Planters are lightweight and are made from an environmentally friendly material - Fluid™ Concrete. They’re also resistant to moisture, stains, heat and UV rays.

6 on-trend ways to make a statement in your home

  • Position a modular sofa and concrete coffee table in the middle of a room or patio.
  • Create a setting with three or four armchairs and a round, square or rectangle concrete coffee table.
  • Cluster three or four planters in different sizes with different or matching side rope embellishment colours and fill with living or artificial plants.
  • Add an EcoSmart fire table or fire pit to a patio, outdoor or indoor living room and surround with a modular sofa or armchairs.
  • For small rooms, balconies or patios, add a Blinde Design Bar Cart and fill it with interesting or colourful items such as vases, glasses, or a decanter.
  • Introduce curved furniture to your home, which provides uniqueness and impact and softens the feel of your living spaces. For example, the architectural curves of a Blinde Design planter, a modular sofa, dining chairs or armchairs can help transform a room into the ideal location for holding gatherings with family and friends. “Curved furniture is a great alternative to structured, rectangular furniture,” says Thomas. “Design trends are moving more towards asymmetrical, curvy and elegant pieces.”