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Recognised CPD Provider

With over 14 years of experience building brands and benefiting from feedback and experience from across the globe, we’ve got some impressive case studies to share with you.

Improve your knowledge on ethanol fire design opportunities through participation in our CPD course.

  • Course Value 1.5 Formal CPD points
  • AACA Competency Design
Earn CPD Points

Learning Outcomes

Product Benefits

Identify and compare the different heating choices available in the market.

No Flue, No Chimney

Evaluate the design possibilities when using ethanol as a heating choice.


Understand how ethanol fireplaces operate.


Outline global safety standards and how it applies to Australia.

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Watch a preview of our CPD presentation.


It was great! The information was clear and very interesting we are all still talking about it. 1hr 40mins went really quick. The presenter was very friendly and knowledgeable in what he was presenting. Very convenient, useful for CPD and we will definetely try and include the product where ever suitable.
Rod Cuevas The Architecture Shop
Thank you very much for coming in and for giving such a wonderful presentation.
Ted Quinton MASQ Architecture
Edouard, simply a ‘thank you’ to the presentation last week much knowledge gained with the presentation.
Petar Danicic Peckvonhartel
The EcoSmart Fire presentation was excellent!
Kim Eagleton Nkt Architecture
How we can help

Keep your business profitable and your
proposals attractive to buyers.

Design Freedom

Our collection make it easy for you to incorporate fire with the flexibility and functionality you need.

Project Assistance

From product selection, to materilal sourcing, and project reviews, our team is here to help.

Dedicated Support

Our unparalleled support and versatile product range makes designing with fire simpler than ever.

Business Program

Our Trade Program provides creative freedom, lower your costs and simplify your design process.

Exclusive Pricing

Trade members enjoy exclusive discounts across our entire range of fires. Enquire About.

Available Globally

Like all successful brands, EcoSmart Fire has a presence all over the world.

EcoSmart Fire Sketches
EcoSmart Fire Sketches
EcoSmart Fire Sketches
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