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Great expectations

The EcoSmart Fire 1200SS Firebox was an essential ingredient in the transformation of a 30-year old Mount Lawley garden in Western Australia into a sophisticated all year round outdoor space.

Dirk Van Nellestijn from WA based design and landscaping company Urban Landscapes specified a 1200SS Firebox, with a cantilevered hearth and under-lighting, to successfully extend the use of the home’s outdoor entertaining area, well into autumn.

“We needed a high performance heating solution that would produce enough warmth for our clients to enjoy their outdoor space from early spring to late autumn. And the 1200SS Firebox was the best solution,” Dirk says.

Dirk Van Nellestijn, Urban Landscapes

The entertaining area incorporates a seating area, gazebo and extensive barbecue and food preparation facilities. Dirk has also custom designed a space in the gazebo for the outdoor fire so that it can be moved as required, for maximum effect.

The 1200SS Firebox has also offered a compelling alternative to gas heating: “Installing gas heating would have required upgrading the property’s gas supply at a considerable expense. With the Firebox, it’s powered by a clean fuel with no harmful pollutants and it’s extremely easy to use and maintain,” he says.

“The 1200SS Firebox provides a beautiful yellow flame and has an amazing aesthetic. The glass wind buffer is a great safety feature for people with small children. All in all, it’s a well thought out, contemporary heating solution.”