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Private Balcony
Kylie Hood Photography

The brief was clear: to create a cosy environment in an open, exposed space on the terrace of a Brisbane high-rise apartment.

“Our clients wanted a cosy, intimate yet open space where they could sit quietly or entertain,” explains Carole Hood from Multi Span Australia Group, which undertook the design and construct project.

The design had to be modern, with an oriental flare, allowing the inside to flow out.

Carole Hood, Multi Span

The terrace, which features eagle’s nest views of Brisbane’s Storey Bridge and cityscape, has a number of distinct ‘zones’ including covered outdoor dining area, a casual seating space, barbecue area, and a covered outdoor living ‘room’, complete with a clever dual-purpose daybed (on one side) and breakfast bar (on the other side), plus leather ‘armchairs’.

Taking pride of place is a specially created outdoor fireplace which both enhances the intimacy of the space and creates a distinct focal point and beautiful illumination of the area. After considering a number of heating solutions, Multi Span chose an Ecosmart XL900 burner following a recommendation from Wrightson Stewart Interior Design, which had previously used EcoSmart Fire products.

The aesthetics of the XL burner plus versatility, functionality and eco credentials were key reasons Multi Span chose the fire.

The burner, together with stainless steel surrounds, is at the heart of a superb piece of cabinetry, created with seven types of rich-hued timber which, Carole explains, give variety of colour plus a 3-dimensional look. “It was very labour intensive, but provided a fabulous outcome,” she says.

Other elements of the cabinet are a tailor-made artwork which sits above fireplace, planter box and timber privacy screen – all of which combine to enhance the ambiance of the space and truly define the outdoor room. Grey granite has been used for the tops of the fire cabinet and breakfast bar.

The high-set position of the apartment meant a particular challenge was the sometimes gale force winds. “The glass wind shield works perfectly, thus allowing the flame to continue burning,” Carole says. “Plus a stainless steel cover was made to protect the unit when not in use.”

Carole says the apartment’s owners are “absolutely over the moon, as the space has met their expectations and more.”