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When designing a contemporary new single dwelling from scratch, architectural and interior design firm SAAJ Design in Melbourne was given carte blanche to celebrate as many design opportunities as possible, creating a highly private home with strong connections to the exterior.

From the outset, a fireplace was an important element. But combining a wealth of organic materials with fire was always going to be a challenge.

“Carved into recycled she-oak timber veneer and intersected with a suspended floating granite hearth, the EcoSmart Fire presents an ironic design element: fire burning within what appears to be a chopped section of a tree log,”

Sally Anderson, SAAJ Design

“We selected the EcoSmart Fire burner and used the principles of the Zeta fireplace as it gave us the ability to create an eco-friendly, ventless fireplace within an organic form adjacent to a timber material,” says Sally Anderson, director of SAAJ Design.

Situated on the living level of the new house which includes a sitting area, kitchen, scullery, powder room and a separate dining space, the customised EcoSmart Fire provides a stunning design statement. One end of the living space features a custom crafted she-oak timber side board and the other a she-oak timber wall which sweeps into an elliptical shaped cylinder holding the EcoSmart Fire stainless steel burner. Sally explains.

SAAJ Design worked closely with The Fire Company, Wilstruct the builder, the joiner and the furniture specialist, Damien Wright to customise the indoor fireplace with its stainless steel surrounds and to combine it with the timber veneer format to create the shapes. “The end result is extremely positive and the clients love the result,” says Sally. “The Ecosmart Fire burners are a great way to achieve the ambiance of fire within unique settings and we have since specified the product in a couple of other projects.”