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It’s increasingly obvious that the Ecosmart Fire continues to drive and inspire design trends around the world.

And what’s defining the next generation of EcoSmart Fire designs is simple. It’s all about creation: creating bespoke fireplaces and fireplace settings using the uniquely versatile EcoSmart Fire models as the foundation.

The iconic EcoSmart Fire’s ever-evolving range constantly redefines and challenges the concept of the bioethanol fireplace. It’s evident in the way the architectural and design world are embracing the creative freedom provided by bioethanol and the diversity of the EcoSmart Fire range, and how they’re increasingly adding this staple tool to their repertoire. The result? New ways of expressing themselves through the art of fire, to the benefit and enjoyment of their customers.

And not only is the EcoSmart Fire inspiring custom-made designs, it’s also providing the spark for original models. Renowned Barcelona based designer Hiroshi Tsunoda is the latest to partner with The Fire Company to create a new EcoSmart Fire – the award-winning outdoor model, STIX.

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  • Flagship Fire
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  • Out Of Africa
  • Spark Of Design Genius
  • Warm Rejuvenation
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