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Home heating tips

5 cost-efficient ways to heat your home

Heating a home makes up almost half a utility bill. According to the US Department of Energy, the average household spends up to $1500 on heating each winter. There are some easy heating tips to create warm indoor and outdoor areas more cost efficiently.

Supplemental heating

Use supplemental heating

Save up to 30% on your utility bill by warming the room you're in - not the whole house. EcoSmart Fire features built-in and portable ethanol fireplaces that deliver both warmth and ambiance. With a smart integration system, HEATSCOPE Heaters allow you to operate multiple units with a different temperature for each zone.

Choose a ventless fireplace

A traditional wood-burning fireplace loses about 80-90% of its heat by sending warm air up the chimney and out of your home. EcoSmart Fire has a vast range of ventless indoor fireplaces that keep the heat in.

Choose a ventless fireplace
Swap to radiant heaters

Swap to radiant heaters

One of the most cost-efficient and effective heating solutions. HEATSCOPE’s award-winning, infrared radiant heaters are highly energy-efficient, weather-resistant, quiet operation and a subtle glow that creates an inviting ambiance. They directly reach people, floors and furniture with an adjustable sun-like warmth.

Replace your traditional hearth

Improve the efficiency of your traditional fireplace. Upgrade a wood or gas burning fireplace with an EcoSmart Grate in just minutes. Powered by clean-burning ethanol fuel, Grate requires no chimney or vent preventing warm air from escaping the home.

Replace your traditional hearth
Warm your outdoor living space

Warm your outdoor living space

By combining an EcoSmart ethanol, propane or gas fire pit table with a HEATSCOPE radiant heating solution, you can achieve perfect temperatures and create a warm and inviting setting on your patio or other outdoor area.

3 home heating tips

Learn how to save money and keep your home warm this winter.

Save on heating bill
Save on heating bill
Save on heating bill

1. Save up to 40% on your heating bill

A central heating system cycles on and off several times an hour and wastes money by heating your entire home, even unoccupied rooms. Install a fireplace into commonly used areas of your home for warmth where and when you need it. A fireplace helps conserve energy, saving you up to 40% on your utility bill and adds ambiance and beauty to your space.

Keep the heat inside
Keep the heat inside
Keep the heat inside

2. Keep the heat inside

Vented fireplaces release smoke and other harmful emissions outdoors through a chimney or flue, allowing heat to escape. Using our all-new fireplace grates, convert your traditional system into a clean-burning, ventless fireplace and keep the heat inside for improved warmth and energy savings.

Get the perfect outdoor temperature
Get the perfect outdoor temperature
Get the perfect outdoor temperature

3. Get the perfect outdoor temperature

Firepits create a welcoming retreat to gather around and enjoy the outdoors. During colder winter months, a warm flame may not be enough to enjoy your space pleasantly. Adding an overhead heater delivers total comfort with a warm, sunlike feel. Radiant heaters directly reach the people and surfaces below for the perfect temperature in any season.

Turn your home into a peaceful retreat

The allure of a dancing flame brings feelings of relaxation and comfort creating a space to disconnect and unwind. Transform your home with a freestanding fire in just minutes. No contractors and no installation needed - simply unpack and enjoy. Remember, all of these models can be used both indoors OR outdoors - it's up to you.

Indoor inspiration

Love the favourite places of your home even more. That quiet nook where you enjoy a good book or the living room where you relax as a family after dinner. Add a fire design to introduce a soothing natural element that is both beautiful and functional.

Shop Indoor Fireplaces

Outdoor inspiration

Your outdoor space can be as luxurious as the inside of your home. Bring together natural elements and a glowing fire for a tranquil setting to be enjoyed with your loved ones.

Shop Outdoor Fireplaces