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Enjoy an alluring flame from
any angle you look at it

Flex 104BY.BX2

Providing an alluring focal point when viewed from multiple vantage points, EcoSmart Fire's Flex Bay Fireboxes are ideal for commercial spaces like restaurants, bars and cafes, and residential settings where a focal point is needed.

  • Single Room Application
  • 3 Open Sides - view the flame from multiple vantage points
  • Use Indoor or Outdoor
  • Includes Decorative Lava Rock
  • Burners are Stainless Steel
  • Colours: Black
  • Fuel: Bioethanol
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The Flex 104BY.BX2 is a manufacturer approved surround for the UL Listed XL700 burner.

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other people’s designs.


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  • Weight 144kg [316lb]
  • Model Dimensions mm [in] W 2733 [108] D 365 [14.4] H 807 [31.8]
  • Viewing Area mm [in] W 2645 [104] D 340 [13.4] H 502 [19.8]
  • Materials Mild Steel & Toughened Glass
Our fireboxes are manufactured to the highest standards and in accordance with ISO 9001:2008.

Compatible Burners:


Our burners are engineered to offer industry leading burn times,
a stable flame pattern and will last a lifetime.

Volume Capacity
14 L
3.7 Gal
Heats on Average
Minimum Room
Thermal Output
27300 BTU/hr
8 kW/h 29 MJ/h
Fuel Efficiency
14 Litres
*These values are indicative only and may vary depending on the model purchased, installation environment, and the composition of the e-NRG bioethanol sourced in each country.


Flex 104BY.BX2 XL700 [x2]
  • Shipping Weight 193kg [425lb]
  • Packaging Dimensions mm [in] L 2937 [116] W 536 [21.1] H 1068 [42]
  • CBM 1.68m3
  • Shipping Weight 11.80kg [26.01lb]
  • Packaging Dimensions mm [in] L 1101 [43.3] W 306 [12] H 291 [11.5]
  • CBM 0.1m3
  • Type Carton

Included Accessories

Included Accessories
Operational Accesories
The Flex Series comes with accessories to ensure its safe operation, including: Jerry Can, Fire Lighter, Lighting Rod, Chosen Burner, and Toughened Starfire Glass Wind Screen.
User Manual
User Manual
Our fireplaces come with an Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manual.
Bioethanol Fuel

The Best Fuel

Fire up your ethanol fire with the highest quality, cleanest burning bioethanol available.

  • Best Flame
    Burning bioethanol fuel creates a beautiful orange
    flame that is simply mesmerising.
  • Clean Burning
    Lose the chimney and the flue and keep the
    heat in - no smoke, no soot, no ash.
  • Lowest Odour
    Specifically formulated for use in ventless
    ethanol fires - your comfort first.
  • Longest Burning Time
    Tested against a multitude of formulas to ensure
    it burns for the longest time.
  • Order Online
    The convenience of efficient
    delivery to your door.
  • Flame Arrester
    Our bottles are fitted with a flame arrester
    which makes it the safest available.

Bay Fireplace Models

Model Name
Model SKU
Included Burners
Average Heats
Minimum Room
Flex 50BY Built-In Fires by EcoSmart Fire
Flex 50BY XL900
Burner XL900
Heats 60m2
Room 110m3
Width 1352mm
Depth 365mm
Height 807mm
Flex 68BY Flex Series by EcoSmart Fire
Flex 68BY.BXL Flex Series by EcoSmart Fire
Flex 68BY.BXR Flex Series by EcoSmart Fire
Flex 68BY XL Series
Flex 68BY.BXL XL Series
Flex 68BY.BXR XL Series
Burner XL700 [x2] XL900 XL900
Heats 100m2 60m2 60m2
Room 110m3
Width 1812mm 1813mm 1813mm
Depth 365mm 365mm 365mm
Height 807mm 807mm 807mm
Flex 86BY Flex Series by EcoSmart Fire
Flex 86BY.BXL Flex Series by EcoSmart Fire
Flex 86BY.BXR Flex Series by EcoSmart Fire
Flex 86BY.BX2 Flex Series by EcoSmart Fire
Flex 86BY XL Series
Flex 86BY.BXL XL Series
Flex 86BY.BXR XL Series
Flex 86BY.BX2 XL Series
Burner XL900 [x2] XL700 [x2] XL700 [x2] XL900
Heats 120m2 100m2 100m2 60m2
Room 110m3
Width 2272mm 2273mm 2273mm 2273mm
Depth 365mm 365mm 365mm 365mm
Height 807mm 807mm 807mm 807mm
Flex 104BY.BXL Flex Series by EcoSmart Fire
Flex 104BY.BXR Flex Series by EcoSmart Fire
Flex 104BY.BX2 Flex Series by EcoSmart Fire
Flex 104BY.BXL XL Series
Flex 104BY.BXR XL Series
Flex 104BY.BX2 XL Series
Burner XL900 [x2] XL900 [x2] XL700 [x2]
Heats 120m2 120m2 100m2
Room 180m3
Width 2733mm 2733mm 2733mm
Depth 365mm 365mm 365mm
Height 807mm 807mm 807mm
Burner XL900 [x3] XL900 [x2]
Heats 180m2 120m2
Room 220m3
Width 3192mm 3193mm
Depth 365mm 365mm
Height 807mm 807mm
Burner XL900 [x3] XL900 [x3]
Heats 180m2 180m2
Room 330m3
Width 3653mm 3653mm
Depth 365mm 365mm
Height 807mm 807mm
Burner XL900 [x3]
Heats 180m2
Room 330m3
Width 4113mm
Depth 365mm
Height 807mm
* Flex Series models are manufacturer approved surrounds for the UL Listed XL900 & XL700 burners.