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Broken plan trend

Broken plan trends

The latest design trend

Move over open-plan living – there’s a new design trend in town! It’s called broken-plan living – and homeowners and commercial operators across the US are breaking up their open-plan spaces to create defined zones.

Broken plan trends

L6 Bloc

by Blinde Design
Broken plan trends

Flex 50BN

by EcoSmart Fire
Broken plan trends

Linear 50

by EcoSmart Fire
Broken plan trends

Flex 104IL.BX2

by EcoSmart Fire

“The new ‘broken plan’ trend is driven by a growing desire for spaces that keep elements of open-plan but also let rooms retain an element of privacy and specific use,” explains Stephane Thomas, Director of MAD Design USA, whose brands include EcoSmart Fire luxury fireplace features and Blinde Design indoor-outdoor furniture and accessories. “By dividing your overall space more subtly, you can retain a sense of light and space while ensuring connectivity and flow.”

EcoSmart Fires have been used in a wide range of residential, commercial and hospitality settings around the world as room/space dividers. “We have a variety of fireplace solutions that provide a focal point for different rooms or zones, while partly dividing and defining them,” explains Thomas. “For example, our double-sided fireplaces with see-through elements provide unobstructed views of EcoSmart’s flickering flame from both sides and provide warmth and ambiance in two adjacent rooms. And within our Flex Fireplace Series, there are many models that enable endless design flexibility to create a clever broken-plan room divider – and connector.”

The Flex Series offers a choice of 8 stylish, ready-to-install, zero-clearance fireplace inserts ranging from 13 inches to 170 inches in length, including Single Sided, Left Corner, Right Corner, Double-sided and Multi-Sided models. “This series enables installation freedom,” adds Thomas. “They’re ventless and fuelled by eco-friendly ethanol, which means they’re free of smoke and soot.”

Blinde Design also has a range of outdoor-indoor furniture solutions to create distinct zones – from Fluid Concrete Coffee Tables, which come in different heights to easily adapt outdoor or indoor environments; Concrete Plant Pots, which come in five sizes and can be used singly, in different size combinations, or clustered together; modular sofas, which are upholstered in weather and stain resistant fabric and enable the creation of endless configurations; to Blinde Design’s range of comfortable and functional armchairs, individual/dining chairs, bar/counter sools or loveseats.

“There are myriad ways to create comfortable, multi-functional share zones while ensuring delineation and separation,” says Thomas. “There are many solutions to break up an open-plan space without interrupting sightlines or losing light.”