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Unexpected Fireplace Installations

Double sided fireplace insert


Transform your bathroom into a spa-like retreat with the addition of a double sided fireplace. Use neutral toned stone tile work to make your bathtub soak even more serene.

EcoSmart Fire BK5 burner ocean lodge

Centre Of Attention

Nothing sparks conversation like a BK5 burner in the middle of a table. Surround with lounge seating for the ultimate in fireside comfort.

AB8 ethanol Burner plus water

Make A Splash

Adding an AB8 burner to a water feature will bring a shimmering light to any outdoor space.

EcoSmart Fire BK5 burner corner fireplace

Down On The Corner

Corner mounted BK5s can add a sleek and modern element to an otherwise traditional room. Notching out the wall also gives the space a more open and relaxed feel.